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Planning Your Dream African Safari?  5 Adventure Tips here

Uganda is a hidden gem in East Africa for adventure travelers. The country has plenty to offer from popular gorilla safaris into Bwindi and Mgahinga, or classic game drives around less crowded national parks – all with something different that will make your journey exciting!


When it comes to African safaris, there’s no country that can beat Uganda. From the vast forests and pristine landscapes with some of our favorite primate species like chimps or monkeys; you’ll never run out adventure here! 


Here are five great options when taking a trip into this fascinating part of the world:


1. Gorilla Trekking with African Safari


The thrill of watching a huge silverback foraging, infant gorillas playing and interacting with their natural surrounding cannot be replicated anywhere else! 


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park protects Mountain Gorillas while Mgahinga Gorilla National park does so too but less successfully due to human activity such as farming close by which disturbs the ecosystem’s balance leading toward lower population numbers today than what it used.

The magnificent mountain gorilla is a critically endangered species that lives in the Bwindi impenetrable national park. This 128 square mile forest provides home to over 480 of these intelligent creatures and it’s only one piece out many diverse ecosystem within Uganda’s wilds area – making this country an amazing destination for nature lovers everywhere!

The highlight experience here? 

You can see these beautiful apes up close on daily tours through Bagamayo Village, which was specially created just so tourists could getup close without disrupting their natural habitat (that means no fences).


2. Add Classic Game Viewing to your African Safari


Imagine you’re on a trip to Africa and get the chance see one of their few remaining elephants, leopard or rhino. 


That would be pretty special!


A safari in Uganda offers unique encounters with these magnificent animals that can only be seen there because they thrive off natural wildlife resources (like trees). 


Seeing these creatures up close is truly something unforgettable!


3. Chimpanzee Tracking Needs to be Part of Your African Safari


The most interesting thing about mountain gorilla treks is that they offer a chance to meet one of mankind’s closest (very close) relatives: chimpanzees who share 98.7% DNA with us!


If you are looking to get up close and personal with some of nature’s most intelligent creatures, then Uganda is the place for your adventure. 


The country has over five locations where tourists can track endangered chimpanzees including Kibale Forest National Park which houses 1500 out 5000 chimp species! 


Unlike gorilla trekking (which can be done both mornings or afternoons), this type tracking requires an early start but it’ll worth every minute as these primates make themselves available only at certain times each day – making them more rare than ever before


The best chance would probably have been during morning commute when we were there; however even though many people go off into jungle


4. Mountain Climbing Adventures in an African Safari


When you think of hiking in Africa, the first two mountains that come to mind are Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. 


But once those have been conquered it’s time for something new: The Rwenzori Mountains! 


These rugged peaks rise dramatically from their forest valley floors like silver eagles ready take flight at any moment- whether admired from afar or captured up close with a camera.

For those looking for a more laid-back hiking experience, the three Virunga Volcanoes of Gahinga, Muhabura and Sabinyo present amazing opportunities. 


When you head out towards the southwestern part of Uganda it’s worth considering taking in some breathtaking scenery while enjoying your time on these trails that wind through pristine nature – especially if Mount Elgon is what catches your eye!


5. A World of Bird Watching 


Uganda is a haven for birdwatchers! 


With over 1,000 different species dwelling in the country’s varied habitats. While you’re on your journey through these parks and forests to spot some new feathered friends, expect beautiful scenery that will take your breath away every time!


If there are two things people who visit this amazing destination want more than anything else it would be adventure – so don’t worry if hiking up mountains or swimming through rivers sounds daunting; all that matters during safari trips here anyway is finding great spots near water bodies where birds tend gather because they need fresh sources of food daily and finally relaxation after spending days exploring nature blissfully unaware.


The Albertine Rift Valley has some of the most beautiful local plant and wildlife in it. In fact, there are about 23 bird species that can only be found there! 


This valley also houses more than 350 plants which have been differing types for centuries due to its isolated position on top of Mount Tarulusu—a mountain at least 5 million years old


The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest offers visitors an opportunity not just see primates but 350 different kinds of plants and trees too; making this destination perfect whether you want sightseeing or hungry for adventure.


The top five experiences not to miss in Uganda are just the beginning of what this beautiful country has waiting for you. 


Honorable mentions include boat safaris at Kazinga Channel and Queen Elizabeth National Park, an exciting river voyage on The Nile River near Murchison Falls park but there is so much more than these options can offer too! 

Adventurers should also consider community tours with local vendors or shopping expeditions into smaller towns where traders will happily show off their wares without being pushy about it as well as tastes from home-brewed beers brewed by fishermen’s families who live along Bugoma Road.