Royal Caribbean Aims for ‘biggest, best season yet’ Alaska Summer 2022

If all goes to plan, Royal Caribbean Group ships will be at 100 percent occupancy this summer in the high-yielding Alaska market, according to Josh Carroll, vice president of destination development.

“We’re looking at 2022 to be our biggest and best Alaska season yet,”

Josh Carroll, vice president of destination development.

“We have the most ships deployed to Alaska than we’ve ever had in our history. We are anticipating and seeing very strong demand.”

That strong demand will translate into full ships if conditions allow for it.

“Alaska has been a shining star for us, even throughout the Omicron basis … Alaska has really been a standout in our bookings,” he said, noting international travel restrictions were helping drive domestic tourism.

“A lot of it will come down to some of the protocols with how high the volumes get. The demand is there,” he continued.

The expectation is for 100 percent occupancy, and Carroll said that is where demand is.

“We can absolutely fill our ships. Guests want to be there. There will be some nuances around the different jurisdictions and protocols, that may or may not have an impact on that. But as far as consumer demand goes, we can absolutely and intend to fill the ships.”

Carroll said some cabins would still be held back for health and safety purposes, but with families (three, four and more people) in other staterooms, the ships can reach 100 percent occupancy.

Carroll was speaking at a virtual press conference following the recent announcement on Na-Dena’, the new joint venture between Alaska Native corporations Huna Totem Corporation and Doyon, which acquired an 80% stake in Alaska Independent Coach Tours, including Pacific Alaska Tours based in Seattle.