Microsoft Billionaire Bill Gates set to open 2022 luxury hotel in Vatican

The negotiations between the Catholic Church’s Order of Holy Sepulcher and a billionaire’s Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts have begun.


The hotel will be set up in an incredible building right next to one of the most famous churches in all Italy! 


The Palazzo di Domenico della Rovere, also known as Borgo or “Palace Of Rome”, dates back centuries and has been used for many significant events. It’s currently being renovated so expect this new development when it opens later 2022.


The Four Seasons hotel is going be a hotspot for visitors from all over the world. The new Bill Gates property will feature 75 rooms with high-end spa treatments as well as gourmet restaurants that offer dishes designed by some of today’s most renowned chefs! 


It also comes equipped underground parking lot so you don’t have worry about scarce spaces when visiting this elite location


It sounds great right? 


All these amenities combined make sure your stay at one our luxurious hotels leaves no room whatsoever for regretful memories or stressful thoughts – just pure relaxation.


Accommodation costs will start at $514 a night.


The critics argue that this exclusive and opulent hotel set on a property owned by the church directly contrasts Catholic “poor church for poor” vision. Moreover, St Peter’s Square is an area well known to provide night refuge for homeless people which makes it incompatible with hosting such events in one of its most famous landmarks 


Meanwhile, the Order of the Holy Sepulcher stated:


“Like a faithful and prudent administrator, [the Order] has a duty to take care of everything that has been entrusted to it and that it manages with transparency.

“Until recently, part of the building was rented to a hotel company to cover, through remittances, the management costs of the Order, so that all the donations received can actually be directed to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.”


The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, headed by Isadore Sharp who is currently 71% owned by Microsoft founder Bill Gates since 2007 operates more than 100 properties around the globe.

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